Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Class Society ( F.C.S.)

I have always enjoyed fashion and everything it brings with it. Confidence mainly...  But I have always wanted to design my own clothes. I remember as a 5th grader getting my homie to draw an Air Force One for me so I can experiment with colors and designs. Well now that I am older, I felt it was time for me to do it. Not designing AF1's but to create my own clothing brand.

First Class Society is the name. The style of the streets with 1st class taste. It is inspired by me and my out-of-the-box mind. I am really goning to show you what goes on in my head. I believe that in order for you to fully understand someone you must look at their work, words and attire. This is the only way to completely get a feel for a person. You can check out all the updates about F.C.S. at the official website First Class Society.


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