Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thoughts of the Week(1/23-29/11)

This week has been normal. I wrote some new tracks and have planned out more things for FCS(First.Class.Society.) I'm in anticipation of my 2 PaperSouls coming soon. Hope to be receiving them within the next 2 weeks. Shouts out to my homie Tina G. If yall need to know, a Papersoul is a book but it is personalized by Tina G. Check em out at Tina G's Papersoul. First Class Society is starting to get done. Im working towards getting an official logo. Watch out for my products man. Your gonna be feeling them. The varsity jackets are gonna have the Octobers Very Own feel to em but we gonna do it better. I am also looking for producers to work with on my 2nd mixtape. It is untitled for now but I think I have a great name. I will reveal it later on during the month. Last but not least, tomorrow is the release of Children of January's 1st project "Shooting Stars, Women and a Passion for Money". I will be posting the mixtape up here for you guys to download. Trust me, I dont promote wack music. In the words of my nigga Ye, " I treat my money like the government treats AIDS, I wont stop till all my niggas get it. Get It?"

-Young NERD

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