Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Music Coming Soon

New music will be coming real soon... working on the instrumental tape "Back 2 Basics" and the official 2nd mixtape from Young Nova "The Development"...


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#NoDaysOff Update

So I have decided to change the whole #NoDaysOff format. I will not drop it as a mixtape at the moment. I will instead drop a track every week. I got the idea from the whole GOOD Friday thing from Kanye West and ELITE WEEK from my homie ELITE. I will be hitting yall with the final update before the start of #NoDaysOff. Just know that good music is all I do.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011


What's good everybody? Just checking in y'all. So I'm working on this #NoDaysOff project right now. Still in the writing process and trying to get some sick beats to do. I'm looking forward to this project because I feel people who know me and those who don't will really get to see my lyrical ability. That's the whole point of this #NoDaysOff thing. I'm showing my work ethic and trying to show everybody a new side to Young Nova. So I'm hoping everybody ready for #NoDaysOff, cause I sure am. That's all for today!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011



I have started working on my newest project, #NoDaysOff. It is going 2 be just that, a project. I'm going to use this project as a chance to build relationships in this industry. I'm planning on working with many artist on this project. Some are accomplished and others are just starting out. I want to be able to work with everyone. We as NYC artists need to stick together and help each other out. So #NoDaysOff will be the 1st of its kind. I will be releasing a #NoDaysOff mixtape between my big projects. The Love @ 1st Sight is gonna drop and then #NoDaysOff is like the interlude before the next project. All the beats will be either songs I love to listen to or songs I feel I have to do.

Hope y'all are ready for this project. Its gonna be nothing but fun. I'm so excited and cant wait to get this going.

ARTISTS I PLAN 2 WORK WITH: Artist (Affiliation)
Omari (#COJ)
Matty Bank$ (#COJ)
21 Quest (85th)
Dream Team
Nero (Shwim Squad)
Rated R (Legacy) (Shwim Squad)
FreshAce (Legacy) (Shwim Squad)
BC (Yankee Boyz)


"Rappers" These Days

So I'm having a problem accepting all the rappers today. People who have never written anything in their life besides school work thinks they are a rapper. We say that being a rapper is easy nowadays. Its true! Everyone with a beat thinks they can really spit. I think otherwise. I have been writing rhymes since I was 10 years old. I have been perfecting this for over 9 years now. I feel some type of way when people randomly become rappers. It truly upsets me to the point where I am ready to diss any and everyone of these "rappers'. So instead of me wasting my time on these people, I choose to write about it here. I feel everyone needs to know how I feel. I can only express myself in two ways: either in a song or here on my website. So here it is, to all these WEAK, spur of the moment "rappers", I wont listen to your music. I wont promote it. I wont even acknowledge you after this day, maybe in a rhyme. But this is the end of you all. Shoutouts to all my real Emcees out there doing their thing.

Oh! Before I leave you, I will say this: Lil B, you based bitch, I'm coming for ya head. So get ready to feel like Ichabod Crane. Fucking cockroach!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011



I don't know if I'm crazy or not yet. Please someone tell me if I am or not. Lil B, a new artist in the rap game is getting backed by 1 of my favorite producers, 9th Wonder. Lil B in my opinion is a fake and he isn't even a real MC. Nowadays, people are getting signed because they market to a certain audience and not for their music. I feel this is wrong and although it is a BUSINESS, there are too many fans of music for the labels to do this. People who are really grinding hard to be heard, just to be heard, get no type of ear or recognition at all. This goes for artist like E.L.I.T.E., COJ, Spoken Phor, myself, Legacy, Yankee Boyz and many more. We work harder than almost every rapper that is signed. We make real music and aren't getting any type of respect. So from now on, I'm protesting the artist that I feel haven't even earned a deal.

Lil B, Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Plies and many more

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let The Dollar Circulate ft. Rated R

Let The Dollar Circulate(ft Rated R) by Young Nova

What Is Next?

Im back on the music. We are in March and the mixtape is already a month behind its scheduled release. But I am past that. It will be dropped this month... very very soon. I have been working on the music for after the release. I am planning on flooding the internet. I am gonna drop track after track after track.

Starting in April, I will begin Flight Intended. Flight Intended will be like a highlight of up-and-coming artist. I will have the artist's bio, website, discography and all major links and pages connected to the artist. If you know any up-and-coming artist that are looking for some exposure, please email me at

Also look out for next week's E.L.I.T.E. WEEK Vol. 10 featuring yours truly on the track. Check out for all of the E.L.I.T.E. WEEK tracks.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Check Up

So its a decent Thursday morning. I'm here at the desktop in da brib(not my laptop, major issues). I'm just working on the clothing brand. Music is a little out of my mind right now. I'm working hard to get the designs done and put em out for people to give opinions on. I really wanna have feedback before producing the product and it having a bad reception with those that support me.

Lately I haven't really been writing any music aside from a track or two here and there. Just wanna get the mixtape out already. The computer problems backed it up further than I intended and has killed my energy. Now I'm just ready to get it over with. Never thought I would feel this way about my debut mixtape. But these are things that happen. We face obstacles and we must find ways to get around them. And best believe I'm getting around this one.

That's all for now...


F.irst C.lass S.ociety

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Technology Sucks

Whats good yall? It looks like I will have to post from my phone for a minute. My laptop is kinda down at the moment. So until it comes back, there will be no new music posted and the mixtape will be delayed. Sorry for the inconvience. Its something Im gonna deal with ASAP


Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Class Society ( F.C.S.)

I have always enjoyed fashion and everything it brings with it. Confidence mainly...  But I have always wanted to design my own clothes. I remember as a 5th grader getting my homie to draw an Air Force One for me so I can experiment with colors and designs. Well now that I am older, I felt it was time for me to do it. Not designing AF1's but to create my own clothing brand.

First Class Society is the name. The style of the streets with 1st class taste. It is inspired by me and my out-of-the-box mind. I am really goning to show you what goes on in my head. I believe that in order for you to fully understand someone you must look at their work, words and attire. This is the only way to completely get a feel for a person. You can check out all the updates about F.C.S. at the official website First Class Society.


Thoughts of the Week(1/23-29/11)

This week has been normal. I wrote some new tracks and have planned out more things for FCS(First.Class.Society.) I'm in anticipation of my 2 PaperSouls coming soon. Hope to be receiving them within the next 2 weeks. Shouts out to my homie Tina G. If yall need to know, a Papersoul is a book but it is personalized by Tina G. Check em out at Tina G's Papersoul. First Class Society is starting to get done. Im working towards getting an official logo. Watch out for my products man. Your gonna be feeling them. The varsity jackets are gonna have the Octobers Very Own feel to em but we gonna do it better. I am also looking for producers to work with on my 2nd mixtape. It is untitled for now but I think I have a great name. I will reveal it later on during the month. Last but not least, tomorrow is the release of Children of January's 1st project "Shooting Stars, Women and a Passion for Money". I will be posting the mixtape up here for you guys to download. Trust me, I dont promote wack music. In the words of my nigga Ye, " I treat my money like the government treats AIDS, I wont stop till all my niggas get it. Get It?"

-Young NERD

Thursday, January 27, 2011

3rd Single "Take It Slow"

The 3rd single off of "The Love @ 1st Sight"

Take It Slow by Young Nova

2nd Single "Ain't No Sunshine"

The 2nd single off of my 1st mixtape... FIRE!!!

Aint No Sunshine by Young Nova

1st Single off of "The Love @ 1st SIght" Incredible

Incredible by Young Nova

The Love @ 1st Sight

So it's getting closer to the release of my 1st solo mixtape "The Love @ 1st Sight". I have worked hard for the past couple of months. I have finished and reworked my mixtape. It's been a great experience for me to endure this process alone. I have learned and now it will be easier the 2nd time around. Be ready for the mixtape pn Valentine's Day 2011(2/14/11/). Also be ready for the upcoming weeks of music. I will be dropping some major tracks for yall. Holla at ya boy.

-Young NERD