Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Rappers" These Days

So I'm having a problem accepting all the rappers today. People who have never written anything in their life besides school work thinks they are a rapper. We say that being a rapper is easy nowadays. Its true! Everyone with a beat thinks they can really spit. I think otherwise. I have been writing rhymes since I was 10 years old. I have been perfecting this for over 9 years now. I feel some type of way when people randomly become rappers. It truly upsets me to the point where I am ready to diss any and everyone of these "rappers'. So instead of me wasting my time on these people, I choose to write about it here. I feel everyone needs to know how I feel. I can only express myself in two ways: either in a song or here on my website. So here it is, to all these WEAK, spur of the moment "rappers", I wont listen to your music. I wont promote it. I wont even acknowledge you after this day, maybe in a rhyme. But this is the end of you all. Shoutouts to all my real Emcees out there doing their thing.

Oh! Before I leave you, I will say this: Lil B, you based bitch, I'm coming for ya head. So get ready to feel like Ichabod Crane. Fucking cockroach!


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